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Frequently asked questions

Q. Where can I purchase Nanodrops products?

Nanodrops products can be purchased through our online web shop or from one of our authorised sales team.


Q. Can I apply Nanodrops products myself?

Yes you can, as long as you read and understand the How to Use instructions. These are found on the back of our products. If you need further information, please contact us at info@nanodrops.co.uk


Q. Can I use a wax over Nanodrops Car coatings?

The wax will not damage our coatings, but we recommend not to use because our ND9 is a more hydrophobic product (it protects surfaces and repels water better than wax).


Q. Can I get my car repainted following the application of ND9?

Yes you can.


Q. How much of the product do I need to coat my car?

A 30 ml bottle of ND9 will cover a small/ medium car up to the size of a Ford Focus. The 50 ml bottle will cover a larger car, for example, a 5 Series BMW. The 100 ml bottle will cover the size of a LWB VW Transporter van.


Q. How long after application does the coating dry and how long do I need to keep the car dry?

ND9 drying time is 24hrs at over 20°C. The lower the temperature, the longer the coating will need to dry. We don’t recommend washing the car for 72 hours. Please email us if you have any questions regarding this issue info@nanodrops.co.uk


Q. Can I apply ND9 on recently painted car body panels?

Do not apply Nanodrops to recently sprayed body panels for at least two months.


Q. How can ND9 be removed?

ND9 can be polished off within the time limit otherwise you will have to use wet sanding method and then polish off.


Q. Is there a minimum order?

No there is not.


Q. I have a question about my order?

Please email us at: info@nanodrops.co.uk


Q. Do you ship to other countries other than the United Kingdom?

Please let us know the products you want and the delivery address. We will let you know the shipping costs and options available.


Q. Returns

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can return the unopened product within 14 days. We will reimburse you for the amount paid within 24 hours of receipt of the returned goods less shipping.


Q. What happens if the product is applied to a greasy surface?

When applied Nano particles penetrate the surface of the microspores and fill them. Impurities in the surface prevent the nano particles from entering the surface microspores, so they cannot form a solid protective nano particle coating. Therefore, prior to application of nano surface coating it is necessary to ensure the area is cleaned appropriately.


Q. What is the best way to apply nano coating on the surface?

This depends on the surface to which you are applying. For non-absorbing surfaces (such as glass, ceramic tiles, plastics and chrome) we recommend to apply with a nanodrops applicator or a cotton pad. For water absorbing surfaces such as textiles, leather, stone or wood surfaces you should use the spray nozzle provided.

Q. How often do I need to reapply the surface with nano coating?

How often you need to reapply the nano coating will depend on factors such as the environment, the surface and how frequently the surface is cleaned. The life span of coatings is as follows: Glass and Ceramics will last up to two years; Car Body ND9 - up to five years, Wood- up to five years, stone and concrete – up to ten or fifteen years.


Q. Does the cold affect the coating application?

The appropriate temperature for applying the coating is between 5°C and 45°C. Application at a lower temperature will not produce the desired effect as it will not form properly on the surface. It is recommended to apply the coating in higher temperatures but not exceeding the + 45°C .


Q. What conditions are required for the product to dry fully?

The drying stage is very important. Suitable temperatures are between 5°C and 45°C. Do not apply the product in higher or lower temperatures! Keep out of direct sunlight. After application do not wet the surface for at least for 4 hours. The coating fully dries within 24 hours @ 20C. The potential and shorter drying time depends on the surface you are applying (e.g. wood dries longer than ceramic).


Q. Do nano coatings make the surface slippery?

No, nano coatings do not make surfaces slippery.

Q. Which surfaces would benefit to coat more than once?

Several coatings can be applied on: wood, concrete and stone surfaces. Coat the surface the first time, do not wait until the surface is completely dry and immediately cover with a second layer.


Q. Does the product protect the surface from mould growth?

Nano coating protects the surface from moisture and prevents mould from occurring.


Q. Does the coating protect against UV rays?

Yes, nano coating does protect the surface from UV rays.


Q. Which nano product is suitable to coat the inside of a fridge?

Interior of the appliance can be covered with Nano Glass Coat - glass and ceramics. It will protect the inside of the refrigerator from unpleasant odours, and it will minimise the accumulation of bacteria.


Q. How long does the smell of textile coating last?

Nano product for textile coating is invisible and does not smell.


Q. Does the textile coating change the colour of the fabric?

Textile coating does not alter the colour or structure of the fabric.


Q. Does the textile coating cause any allergies or harm to children?

This is a safe nano coating for children and does not cause allergies. Surfaces covered with Nano coatings are harmless to the skin.






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